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Temenos Touch ®

A temenos is a protected physical and emotional space in which the transforming work of healing takes place through learning and teaching.

My video explains a little more about the Temenos Touch approach to healing, which aims to provide integrated healthcare, drawing on many lineages and many traditions.

Temenos Touch sessions start from the premises that
1. the mind and body are not separate
2. we are capable of accessing the non-local Consciousness of which we are all microcosms, for information that will assist us in healing at all levels.

I work in a very hands on, somatic way, including breathwork and often using stones on the body to energetically represent blocks or weights in your life. I totally encourage self-help and usually give 'homework' which you can choose to do or not. I do not expect to see clients for a prolonged number of sessions. I cannot do your work for you. I am a facilitator to help you to connect to the inforealm and suggest practices or changes that might be of assistance to you. Frequently the conditioning you carry will have come from the ancestors and will involve collective trauma, so this work is not just for you, it is for the lineage before you and the lineage after you.

Temenos Touch appointments last 90 minutes and cost £85 for 90 minutes.

My second book Temenos Touch: The Art and Science of Integrated Medicine and Non-local Healing was released last year in its Second Edition CLICK HERE . In the first edition (2015) I attempted to provide a bridge between the frequently ridiculed world of complementary therapies and the world of quantum physics, medicine and neuroscience. The second edition adds new information in the rapidly growing field of integrated healthcare, in which interest and knowledge is growing at an exponential pace. It is a weaving together of the theoretical and the practical, drawing on many lineages. It lays before even the sceptical reader a way of stepping into true autonomy.

It describes the why and how of a range of techniques, which are most definitely not just for use by so-called new age or spiritual healers. These are techniques that can be widely used in an evolving, integrated, body-mind healthcare system that along with psychedelic assisted therapy will hopefully become the healthcare system of generations to come.

On a practical and experiential level the healing practices described come from shamanic traditions, particularly those of the Andes, the Q'ero and Alberto Villoldo, as well as craniosacral therapy, tantric yoga, breathwork and meditation, family constellations, past life regression and trauma therapy.

The book also includes scientific explanations of how these healing practices work, based on the work of renowned academic leaders and researchers within the varied disciplines of quantum physics, non-locality, neuroscience, neuroplasticity and the physiology and psychology of stress and trauma. I am hugely indebted to these brave practitioners and researchers whose work I am trying to promote to as wide a range of people as possible.


'Thank you so so very much for yesterday. I feel so different today. Stronger, cleaner energetically, clearer and with more focus & vision & more in myself and empowered. Truly beautiful the work you do in service to humanity and Source. I m so grateful to have found you.'

'Thank you so much for today’s work and healing. It was so powerful for me and released a lot of emotion and anger and anxiety. I have felt lighter all day and calmer. It was a very special session and as I said, I felt very safe and supported.'

'Thank you for the last year, I am so grateful to you, you've helped me & my family beyond what I can comprehend. It's like a weight has been lifted from the family.'

'I just wanted to let you know what an amazing change there has been in my life since I came to see you two months ago. I think you sensed how desperate and close to the edge I was. I remember feeling so much 'clearer/lighter' almost immediately, but I couldn't have foreseen how long-lasting the effect has been. I've been able to really move forward with so much positivity, and when the grim moments strike I've been able to compose myself and put things in perspective. My confidence and groundedness and belief in myself feels restored, and that's opened the way for finding pleasure again, which seemed to have been totally lost when we met.'

'The experience has made me feel re-assured and I find it took away a lot of tension and unfounded fears. It is also giving me the opportunity to focus on a practice which is uncomplicated yet I trust effective. What came to mind on my way home was a sense of honouring and reverence to the divine/unknown that the practice provides - and this gave me a sense of protection and strength. I am most grateful.'

'It was great to meet you yesterday. I am still letting thoughts and feelings wash over me but I can honestly say that was one of the best experiences of my life. I couldn't stop writing in my journal when I got home.'

Other practitioners qualified in Temenos Touch and currently offering these services are
George Christie, Rottingdean, Brighton CLICK HERE
William Draper, Lewes CLICK HERE
Maddy Elruna, Lewes CLICK HERE
Sue Farmer, London CLICK HERE
Neemisha Ramchurn, London CLICK HERE
Ursula Ruddy, London CLICK HERE
Isra Teague, Shoreham CLICK HERE
Stephen Tickle, Brighton CLICK HERE
Yessica Vilar, Uckfield CLICK HERE
Claire Walker, London CLICK HERE
Julia Whittington, London CLICK HERE

I am delighted to have received the following reviews of the first edition:
"Evelyn clearly has remarkable intuitive and energetic capacity in getting to the root of her clients' issues and it is clear that she has managed to integrate insights from many of the traditions she has studied... The outcome of the book is an encouragement to the reader to embark on our own healing work, shedding our limiting beliefs and connecting with our true potential. The book is an inspiration to do just that." David Lorimer: Book Review, Journal of the Scientific and Medical Network, Spring 2015

"Brodie is at the forefront of the new healing paradigm that links up with the inforealm in truth, integrity and authenticity. Her book offers us a way of becoming reacquainted with the beauty and joy of life." Book Review, Nexus, June-July 2015

"Evelyn Brodie's excellent Temenos Touch, The Art and Science of Therapeutic Bodywork and Non-local Healing is an inspiring template for understanding modern developments within the ancient art of healing. Healing is not new, of course; what is new is the dramatic evidence and theory development that put healing squarely on the scientific map. This book is about more than healing. It is about our non-local nature, and how we are united, immortal, and one. What could be more important?" Larry Dossey, MD, Author: ONE MIND: How Our Individual Mind Is Part of a Greater Consciousness and Why It Matters

"Evelyn Brodie's Temenos Touch is one of those very few books that is both a pleasure to read and a deep and lasting experience having read. It is engaging, simple, honest - and deep. I can recommend it to everyone who has the least interest in finding out who we are, and how we can heal ourselves, and those around us." Ervin Laszlo: Founder of The Club of Budapest and author of 75 books, including: Science and the Akashic Field: An Integral Theory of Everything

"Evelyn Brodie has explained and elucidated a variety of alternative therapies that are truly cutting-edge. Her wide and deep professional experience and warmth are clearly evident and make this an especially enjoyable and convincing read. This is an important inspiring and break-through book that will change lives. It should be on the reading list of all psychotherapy training schools." Deike Begg, Author: Rebirthing - Freedom from Your Past








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