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Temenos Touch Training 2020
Booking for the Temenos Touch Training programme in 2020 is open. Full details of this 15 day intensive programme which runs between February and October 2020 can be found CLICK HERE

Price Policy
New clients are required to pay in advance for the first session. This can be done using Paypal at the bottom of this page or I can give you my bank details. Existing clients can pay on the day. Cancellation charges of 50% of the full treatment price apply to any appointments cancelled within 24 hours of the scheduled appointment time. Cancellation charges of 100% of the full treatment price apply to no-shows without any cancellation notice.

I offer what is sometimes called complementary or alternative therapy on a very personalised basis. I prefer to think of it as integrated healthcare, involving the body-mind on a physical level and accessing the universal consciousness or inforealm on an energetic level.

I work in a very hands-on way, weaving together the techniques of Craniosacral Therapy, Reiki, Shamanic Healing, Tantra, past life regression therapy, breath work and constellations techniques as seems optimal for each individual in an approach I call Temenos Touch. More information about each of these healings is available on the following pages.

My husband and I CLICK HERE also offer individual residential retreats at our home for those wanting a deep healing experience. More details of these can be found on the workshops and trainings page CLICK HERE. They include breathwork, soul retrieval, working with the ancestors and more, depending on your individual requirements.

Reiki healing: Appointments last around one hour and cost £60 each CLICK HERE
Reiki, translated as universal life force energy, helps activate your own internal healing energy to release blockages that may have physical or emotional sources and which are resulting in physical symptoms of all kinds, low energy, depression, feelings of being out of balance or disconnected.

Reiki attunements CLICK HERE
Individual Reiki attunements can be provided (I do not run attunement workshops - I prefer to tailor the attunement to the experience and requirements of the individual)
Level 1 (self healing) £100
Level 2 (healing others and holding the therapy space for others) £150
If you choose me to be your Reiki Master please note that I now very clearly split the level 2 attunement into two sections. One part is pure Reiki - the hand positions, the meditation, the symbols, the attunement, and distance healing. The second part is holding the therapy space in a safe way for clients, many of whom have suffered trauma and abuse - the personal interconnection when we are working with another.
Master attunement (the ability to attune others)£120 if you did Level 2 with me, £150 if you had a different Level 2 Master

Shamanic healing CLICK HERE
Shamanic healing has the intent of empowering the client to heal themselves – to step into their potential and accept responsibility for their destiny. The techniques are mainly those of the Qero of the Andes, Peru. The process works to clear blocks from the aura (known as the luminous energy field) when necessary (these could be entities or psychic daggers) and release limiting beliefs, often caused by trauma in this or a previous life, or carried down the generations from the ancestors. The intention is to assist the client to live in a different way from this moment forwards and is frequently carried out using the process of soul retrieval.

The initial Shamanic healing appointment typically lasts about ninety minutes during which time we will assess your current situation and the issues you want to work with. It will frequently, but not always, include an illumination or a soul retrieval, and sometimes an extraction of heavy, stuck energy and possibly cutting cords to people that you feel are taking energy from you or that you have an unhealthy attachment to. The initial charge is £80. Subsequent sessions are tailored to your individual requirements and last between one hour and ninety minutes, at a charge of £60 per hour.

Craniosacral: Appointments last around one hour and cost £60 each CLICK HERE
Craniosacral therapy is a subtle yet profound healing form which assists the body’s natural capacity for self-repair, helping to release deeply held patterns resulting from physical or psychological trauma. It treats people and causes rather than symptoms and labelled conditions.

Therapy for Therapists - Around one third of my clients are health care professionals
CLICK HERE I find myself frequently coming into contact with therapists and other medical professionals who are feeling tired, worn out, drained, depressed or anxious because they have taken on 'dis-ease' of one sort or another from their patients, through a variety of methods of transference. If you are working as any kind of health worker and feel this way, I offer cleansing, rebalancing of your energy field and then techniques for protecting yourself in future. Each session lasts one hour and costs £60. Further details are on the Therapy for Therapists page.

Celebrant Weddings, Hand-fastings, Vow Renewals and Namings
I am delighted to announce that I am now qualified by FOIC as a celebrant for weddings, hand-fastings, vow renewals and namings. CLICK HERE All these rituals and ceremonies can be crafted to meet your specific spiritual beliefs. Full details of the bespoke and sacred ceremonies available can be found on my other website CLICK HERE

For a map showing where I work in South London CLICK HERE
For a map showing where I work in Brighton/Hove, Sussex CLICK HERE

VIDEO ON THE ART AND SCIENCE OF RITUAL: six powerful practices
Please sign up on the subscription form to the right hand side to receive the password to view this video. You will immediately receive a confirmation email - which depending on your security settings may unfortunately go into your spam folder. If it does, simply mark the email as 'not spam' and the password will then come through to your inbox.

The video explains how ritual appears to be essential to bring the information received by the right brain from the inforealm into the left brain and everyday awareness. I hope you enjoy it and find it helpful.

To book an appointment

Call 078 131 80446 or
e-mail [email protected]

For new clients only in either Brighton/Hove, Sussex, or South London I ask for payment in advance for the first session.
On the day I take cash or cheque or bank transfer, but if you wish to pay by credit card, or for your first session, please pay in advance using Paypal


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