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Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral therapy is a subtle yet profound healing form which assists the body's natural capacity for self-repair.

It involves the craniosacral system and the craniosacral fluid which is formed in the ventricles of the brain and then circulates around the central nervous system, inside the dural membranes surrounding the brain and the spinal column. It also extends to the fascia throughout the body via the peripheral nervous system.

Sometimes when we suffer from a trauma – at birth, a physical accident or injury, an emotional or mental shock – this trauma can get held in the body’s tissues and nervous system, leading to ill-health, dis-ease and dysfunction.

This is increasingly recognized in the rapidly growing medical fields of stress, trauma, psychoneuroimmunology and epigenetics, which examine the way in which our thoughts and emotional states influence the chemicals released internally through our endocrine system as well as the response of our sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system, in turn influencing our immune system and the functioning of each cell in our body.

Craniosacral therapy can help to release the deeply held patterns resulting from trauma, both physical and psychological. It treats people and causes rather than symptoms and labeled conditions. The practitioner engages with the client’s underlying energetic vitality, represented in the craniosacral system, and helps the tissues to release any restrictions to the free distribution of this vitality throughout the body.

It is suitable for babies, children and the elderly, as well as adults and people in fragile or acutely painful conditions including chronic migraines, spinal problems and pelvic problems after a difficult pregnancy/birth.

Further details can be found at The Craniosacral Therapy Association of the UK CLICK HERE

Or the College of Cranio-Sacral Therapy CLICK HERE

Each session lasts around one hour and costs £60. It is usually done with the client lying fully clothed on a therapy couch, but if that is not possible physically you can sit. I will tune into your system, often through the head or the feet, and thereafter I will take up a light contact on the cranium (the head), the sacrum (the tail-bone) or any other part of the body as appropriate.

Cleansing and protection for therapists

Approximately one third of my clients are medical/healing professionals, including doctors, nurses, psychotherapists and other bodywork therapists.

If you are working as a therapist or health practitioner of any sort, in any profession that involves close physical or mental contact with clients/patients, then do you notice that you are feeling tired, depressed, worn out, invaded?

Many healers end up 'taking on' pain or illness from their clients, either through mental or emotional transference, attempting to rescue, or sometimes even through the entrance of an intrusive energy from the client/patient. Often people who enter such professions are natural empaths, and whilst this can be admirable, it seems that to be of greatest service, we need to work from a place of compassion rather than empathy, not taking in all the pain and suffering of those we are treating.

I have seen this numerous times, especially with massage therapists, who are taught from an anatomical and physiological perspective, without any knowledge of energetic or psychological transference, cleansing or protection.

If you feel you have absorbed pain or trauma from your clients, then I can help you to release this, cleansing the energy field and letting go of that which does not serve you. We then rebalance the energy field and I can teach you some ways of protecting yourself in future, recognising transference if and when it arises and releasing it straight away. If desired I can also give you 'Bands of Protection' - one of the Munay-Ki Peruvian shamanic rites.

Craniosacral testimonials

'I wanted to express my gratitude for the wholeness that I now feel, thanks to you! You've helped me discover the state of meditation I am capable of achieving and the clarity it brings, giving me confidence I once lacked. I admire your abilities, you're beautiful in what you do.'

'Evelyn’s gentle and reassuring approach made me feel safe and relaxed during her treatments. I did have immediate results with an old back injury and over time helped to prevent further resurfacing of an old injury. There have also been quite thought provoking experiences with some quite astonishing and wonderful revelations.'

'Although I was initially sceptic of the potential of craniosacral, Evelyn succeeded in curing my long term back pain where physiotherapy, osteopathy and acupuncture had all failed.'

(From chronic sinusites sufferer) 'I suffer with sinus problems and cranio-sacral treatments have had an immediate effect on healing them. The treatments have also been very successful in curing my hip problem and are also very relaxing.'

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