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A Better Pill: first steps to a conscious, nonlocal healthcare paradigm.

My third book was published in 2018. The conclusions are shown here:

There are also shorter videos chapter by chapter on YouTube

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A Better Pill

On the cover of this book there are endorsements from Ervin Laszlo, David Lorimer and Amanda Feilding – you can’t get much more interesting and diverse than that. The author is a London-based healer and shamanic practitioner and she explores a potential integrated health system that might deal effectively with the current epidemic of stress and a sense of victimhood and alienation. She refers to the work of Cygnus favourites like Peter Levine and Bruce Lipton. Her combination of shamanic experience and academic grounding place her in a perfect position to offer this readable and extremely coherent account of a new approach to health.

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Corporate Bitch to Shaman

My first book 'Corporate Bitch to Shaman - a journey uncovering the links between 21st century science, consciousness and ancient healing practices' was published in September 2013. This gives a great deal of information about my journey, my 'story' as well as the 21st century science underpinning consciousness and the ancient healing wisdoms of shamanism and Reiki.

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Temenos Touch

My second book 'Temenos Touch - the art and science of integrated medicine and non-local healing' was first published in January 2015 with a second edition released in 2022.

It is an intimate weaving together of the accumulated learning and experiences I have had into one powerful, unified, scientifically based and proven healing practice, drawing on many lineages and many branches of science and medicine. It is not a comprehensive text-book, but illustrates the scope of the enormous range of complementary healing techniques possible.

It is theoretical and practical, describing what you can do, how you can go about doing it and why it works. The techniques and exercises described are most definitely not just for use by so-called new age or spiritual healers. They are techniques that can be widely used in an evolving, integrated, body-mind healthcare system that will hopefully become the healthcare system of generations to come.

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