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Shamanic Treatments

Much of Western psychotherapy tends to teach small steps - titration - don't deal with more than one thing at a time - don't try to change too much at once. Shamanism says take shed the past and that which no longer serves you the way the serpent changes its skin - all in one piece. Change the underlying energetic pattern, the underlying mythic map. Let go of the stories, the dramas the traumas and the conditioning, so that you can step into a new way of being. That of course includes honouring that you are still here, you have life, because the ancestors did what they needed to do in order to survive.

All the shamanic work that I do has the intention of empowering the client to heal themselves so that they can step into their own true selves, purpose and potential.

Shamanic work is archetypical, working in nonlocal consciousness, outside of 4 dimensional space and time. The shamans have always able to journey, to access the universal, omniscient and omnipresent Consciousness, Great Spirit, Awareness. Shamans always saw the individual in the context of the community, the tribe, the conditioning, the environment.

The Perennial Philosophy that Consciousness is fundamental is back on the scientific agenda. And so is Collective Trauma. More and more frequently now I see people who are not just trying to work for themselves, but for the ancestors, those who have come before and those who will come after. The ripples of this work are extending to bring in Collective healing.

The Medicine Wheel and the archetypes that I work with are

Shamanic Healing. serpentsmall

Serpent in the South - who teaches us to shed the past the way it sheds its skin, and to walk on the earth with connectedness and beauty.

Working with Serpent we are often dealing with deep shadow issues of where do we belong, what is our purpose, what is our path in this life.

We are feeling into the roots, the bones, the flesh, the blood. What are we carrying for the ancestors and if we have children, it stops here. A new way is possible going forwards.

Shamanic Healing. jaguarsamll

Jaguar in the West - who teaches us how to track, how to cross the rainbow bridge between the worlds, how to travel fearlessly and without causing harm.

Working with Jaguar we are often dealing with sexual healing, bodywork to release trauma held in the cells. Too often healers engage in spiritual bypassing, jaguar helps us to track and sense and trust in the shadows, the difficult stuff. Where the work needs to be done.

Shamanic Healing. hummingbirdsmall

Hummingbird in the North - who helps us to make impossible journeys and shows us how to drink sweetly, joyfully from the nectar of life.

Working with Hummingbird we often connect with the ancestors, their difficult journeys as well as our own difficult journeys. Don't be bound by conventions of what is or is not possible. Say yes to life, yes to joy, yes to whatever is present.

Yes to a new paradigm, trusting there can be change. Visioning the ends of the probability curve, that which is possible even if not probable. Yes to possibility.

Shamanic Healing. condorsmall

Eagle condor in the East - who helps us to see things from a higher perspective, the whole picture and to fly wing to wing with the Great Spirit.

Working with Eagle we are recognising all the options open to us, able to vision to the end of the probability curve, that which is still possible even if it does not seem probable.

Reconnecting with our place as a drop in the ocean, connectedness with all of Consciousness. Incorporating all that has bone before but visioning a new way of being, honouring the past so that the future can be different, including all our brothers and sisters on the planet, including the stone people, the animal people, the water, the wind, the sun, the sky, the rivers, the stars.

Shamanic Healing. franciscoandme

Photograph with Don Francisco, Peru 2013

Many of the techniques I use are taught in Alberto Villoldo's School of 'Healing the Light Body'. They are based on the traditions of the Peruvian Q'ero and I have also visited Peru numerous times to work directly with Don Francisco and many others in the Q'ero tradition of the Andes, as well as Maestros in the Shipibo tradition of the Amazon. In these traditions, heavy energy may be imprinted on the luminous energy field either through our own actions and life experiences, or through the collective trauma of our ancestors, or from psychic daggers (negative thought forms) sent by others. The healing process uses a combination of ritual work with sacred stones, breathwork, holding of release points in the body, drumming, rattling and journeying to clear this heavy energy, repairing the wounded areas with illuminating light.

For shamanic work you need to think about the issue, limiting belief or wounding that you would like to work on and clear, before you arrive. This frequently changes as we discuss it and work with it - your unconscious mind will know the real trauma to be acknowledged and released - so don't worry about it too much, but it is helpful to have a starting point, an intention for the session. Of course we will only go as far as feels safe for you at that moment.

Please tell me before we start this treatment if you are pregnant or trying to conceive

Much more information about the shamanic healings is given in this video.

Illuminations can help to clear deep wounds imprinted into your energy field and held in the cells of your body. Often such wounds result in repeating patterns of physical or mental distress. Only by eliminating the scar from the energy field and the physical body can the original trauma truly be released. Our conscious mind may be unaware of this trauma, as it may have happened many, many years ago, (or to the ancestors, or even in a past life whose karma we have carried ever since) but that memory is carried in the unconscious mind and within our tissues and continues to impact our lives until it is acknowledged and released.

Soul Retrieval
When something traumatic happens in our lives we often cut off/shut off a part of our soul in order to survive. At the same time we make a contract with life that will keep us safe... However, this splintering of the soul leaves us incomplete. Soul retrieval aims to collect a part of the soul we have left behind along the journey (perhaps earlier in this lifetime, or perhaps we are carrying the split from a past life or on behalf of an ancestor/the family lineage). We undertake a mythical journey to seek the original wound, the contract that was made at that time and the part that was left behind. We re-write the contract to serve us today, and negotiate with the lost soul part what it needs from us to be safe to re-enter our lives and help us towards completeness. We visit the chamber of gifts and receive a gift and we ask for a power animal that will help us in our lives.

Gifts of the ancestors
Do you feel out of place in your family? Do you have 'unfinished business' with family members who have died? Do you feel constrained or bound by family history?

In this lineage work you pick three of your dead ancestors that you would like to work with. You choose three stones to represent them and you 'place' them around you in the energy field (what in constellations work is called The Knowing Field). You then step into each of their lives, one by one, to find out what they still need to say to you, and what gifts they have for you. You may then want to reorganise their positions in the field relative to you and each other, until the lineage is as it needs to be.

Once you have learned what gifts they have for you, to can choose whether or not to accept these, and then you release your ancestors in ceremony - honouring them and what the geneological lineage has given to you.

Releasing binding roles to rediscover your essence
In modern transpersonal psychotherapy 'roles' are also known as 'sub-personalities.' What roles have you assigned to yourself in your live? What roles have others assigned to you, with or without your consent? Are all these roles pulling you in different directions, at war with each other?

This exercise identifies the roles, where they came from, how long they need to remain in our lives - and in many cases releases them. Once we move the roles aside, we are left with our true essence, our true self. We can then envisage various different destinies for this self and the transformation we can make in our lives if we choose - everything is always in a state of constant change and we are able to transform our destiny and choose a different way of being from this day forwards.

The nine Munay-ki rites were relatively recently passed on to those outside the Andean community. Full information about these rites (also called karpay) can be found on the Munay-ki website CLICK HERE. Apart from exceptional circumstances, I now only give the first six rites. The last three karpay are really intended for those who are working as shamanic practitioners and living on a shamanic path at an advanced level. Indeed there is debate in the Andes as to whether there are any healers left alive today at the Kurak Akuyek level (the seventh rite).

Seven Chakra Cleansing at a time of major change - a death during life that precedes renewal
Are you at a point of major change in your life where you want to release your old beliefs and ties and way of being, to allow you to step into a new life? This could be brought about by a bereavement, a divorce, moving to a new country or any other major event. It requires having done a significant amount of personal work and energetic cleansing already as it is a very deep and profound process of surrender.

In it we recapitulate your life so far - where is there unfinished business, what needs to be said, where do we still hurt, what secrets do we keep (perhaps from ourselves!)? The shaman sits as your witness and the representative for those you wish to talk to as you bring this heavy energy to the surface.

Then the shaman clears each of the seven chakras in turn, taking away the heavy energy from throughout the client's luminous body and finally, working through the chakras, bringing in a map of what the client wants to manifest in the future, using the archetypes as different perceptual states.

Conscious dying
If you or one of your loved ones is dying and you would like healing before the spirit transitions, and/or assistance in taking the spirit to the light, two stages of work are possible.

Ideally, the process starts when the client is still alive - conducting a review of this life's journey and anything that needs to be resolved or released before death - 'unfinished business'. This heavy energy can be released as slowly or as quickly as time allows. Secondly, within 48 hours of death the luminous body can be assisted in its departure from the physical body. The chakras are then locked to ensure the luminous body cannot re-enter the physical. This process is possible even if the life review has not taken place.

What holds you back in your life?
With word deconstruction, you choose a word that is holding you back in your life - it could be yes, no, your own name, mother, father, a role, a child, a responsibility, a quality... We then look at that word from four different perceptual states, the literal, the emotional, the soul level and the higher perspective. As you move through the perceptual states represented by serpent, jaguar, humming-bird and eagle, you change the 'reality' that you perceive and how you engage with that reality, thereby releasing the binding constraints the word puts on you.

Client testimonials

'What a privilege to meet you. I loved working with you & still feel quite "blown away" by today's session. Thank you from my heart for your skill, guidance, care and love. I feel this is a form of wonderful energy that I cannot explain.'

'Thank you for today. It was an incredible experience and I'm just sitting with everything that developed and noticing awareness of new perspectives. I'm incredibly grateful for your guidance and support and look forward to working with you again.'

'I found it an incredibly powerful experience . Today I've been out walking in the winter sunshine with my dog and felt just pure glad to be aliveness - which I used to feel regularly but haven't for a long long time. I feel...re-centred... is the word that comes to mind.'

'I just wanted to thank you for the session we had. Over the days and weeks following our session i felt better and better - honestly better than I've ever felt before! I can honestly say that it has been the single most cathartic experience of my life. So thank you, thank you for enabling that to take place. You have helped to change my life in incredibly positive ways.'

'Thank you, thank you, thank you for the wonderful work and deep healing you blessed me with yesterday. I actually don't have the words at the moment (extremely unusual for me!!!) to express how I am feeling. As we discussed, I know that it will take time to assimilate the experience.'

'A huge HUGE thanks for your help!! I feel like an insanely heavy rock has just left my rucksack. Thank you so much. Now I will have creative fun with the homework.'

'I wanted to say thank you again for the shamanic healing you did with me. Because of my background I am habitually cynical about all this kind of thing, but have always had a curiosity and hopefully open-mind, which is why I go to things like Buddhafield. I did approach your session with no expectations and an open mind and heart and it was an incredible experience. I don't understand quite what happened (guess I don't need to) but it felt real and it felt right. I have been on a big personal journey in the last few years and this healing just seemed like another natural part of this which couldn't really have happened earlier.'

'Just wanted to say what a remarkable session the last one was and, though it took a while to process, it answered SO many questions from things which had occurred earlier in my life and answered one extremely important issue from 30+ years ago. I also admired your courage in what you did - I don't think I'd be ready to help people like that.... Thank you very much.'

'Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for having me and for the major clearing and healing you performed. My life has changed already. My perspective is different and I 'see' and hear 'spirit' much more clearly. I also feel more connected/interconnected with life and more derserving of happiness.My self esteem has increased hugely.'

'Thanks for yesterday - never what is expected - but I've been flying ...... good to have my wings back.'

'Thank you so much Evelyn. I felt so light when I left you - no physical pain or mindful pain - just being happy to be me for a while. I have had the most lovely flashes of insight since seeing you! Woke up this morning actually happy to be alive! Lovely flow of happy energy - really such a transformation as to how I was.'

'Just to let you know again how amazing I found the Soul Retrieval, however my heightened awareness has brought up a longing to know more about the work!'

' simply cannot tell you how much of a difference the healing appears to have made already! I would like to have further healing at some point but I simply can't thank you enough!'

'I cannot thank you enough for the treatment on Sunday. Although very emotional, and I felt totally shattered afterwards physically, I have felt lighter in spirit and in mind ever since, the dark black dog is gone.'

'The entity has gone and all the paranoia that I had has just disappeared. It has made such a difference to my life. I would have paid anything for that change so £40 seems like nothing.'

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